The History of Carvel 

When Tom Carvel bought his first ice cream truck, his goal was to make his customers smile.


                                      However, with any business venture there are                                            bumps in the road. For Tom, that bump caused                                        a flat tire. Most people might have closed up                                              shop, but Tom Carvel kept right on selling and                                          found a remarkable opportunity.

                                        He realized that people loved the softer,                                                     melting frozen treats. They enjoyed the                                                       creamier, lighter taste. Soft serve ice cream                                             was born. Tom not only invented a new treat,                                             but established his first shoppe right there         where his truck had broken down. That store would be the first of a worldwide network and   thousands of little occasions & big celebrations that make life enjoyable.                                                                                                                                  

Since then, the Carvel® brand has continued to innovate and grow. Yet, we continue to hold fast to Tom’s original

ideas of serving the fresh, authentic ice

cream and hand made cakes that make

people happy.

Tom Carvel, Carvel History, Carvel East Meadow
Tom Carvel, Carvel History, Carvel East Meadow

Carvel East Meadow has been owned an operated since 2004 by the Gatzoflias family. We are committed to providing the best products and service. We are proud to serve our community throughout the years and will continue with great joy.